(Adopted at Annual Meeting, January 26, 1974)


  1. MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the club will consist of only one class. All members have equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities, except that a member must be at least 21 years of age to serve on the Board of Directors.
  1. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: A certificate of membership shall be issued to each member annually upon payment of an annual dues of $5.00. (Now $120.00) The annual membership dues shall be due during January of each year starting January 1974. Memberships for part of a year (when new members join the club) shall be $5.00 if the membership certificate is issued between January and June 30 of the year, or $3.00 if issued between July and December 31 of the year. (Now $10.00 times number of months left in the year) Initial members must be endorsed by an existing member and one officer or director. Continuing membership is renewed annually by paying the annual dues.
  1. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: A certificate of Life Membership shall be issued upon payment of $100.00. (Now $500.00) A plaque will be placed in the clubhouse bearing the name and date of each life member. Each applicant for Life Membership (if not already an annual member) shall be endorsed by an existing member and one officer or director.
  1. BUSINESS MEETING AND QUORUM: An annual business meeting shall be held during January of each year for the purpose of electing officers and directors. Any other business may be transacted at this meeting. Special meetings may be called by the President as required to carry out the purposes of the club. A written notice of all meetings shall be sent to all members at least 14 days in advance of the meeting date. A quorum must be present to transact any business. A quorum shall consist of at least 2/3 of the combined number of officers and directors and 10% of the membership (not including the above mentioned officers and directors.)
  1. TERMINATION OF BUSINESS AND DISPOSAL OF ASSETS: Should the club (Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap club Inc.) wish to disband and dispose of its assets including but not limited to real estate, equipment, buildings, money, inventories, etc., a liquidation committee of at least three members shall be elected by a majority of the current membership at that time. This committee shall determine, and execute, the disposition of the club’s property and all other assets subject to the approval of 2/3 the membership and in accordance with all existing legal requirements.
  1. PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT: Care and maintenance of the club’s property and equipment is the express responsibility of all members. The President shall coordinate all construction, maintenance and other required activity necessary to keep the grounds and range facilities in good condition. He shall appoint and assign as required, committees, individuals, work parties, etc. to carry out all such activities.
  1. CASHIER: Members are expected to work as cashier for each day the range is open for business. A work schedule will be issued at the beginning of each year. The cashier is responsible for all activity at the range during his tour of duty, including, but not limited to (1) Picking up and returning the trap boy(s) and cash box. (2) Inspecting the traps before shooting starts to see that they are well oiled and in safe working order. (3) Maintain accurate squad sheets and strict accounting of all cash, new shells, and other business. (4) Represent the club and maintain a high level of conduct and safety. Encourage and invite visitors to return and participate.
  1. SCHEDULED AND PRACTICE SHOOTING: Scheduled and invitational shoots shall take precedence over practice shooting. However, whenever possible, practice shooting will be encouraged concurrent with the scheduled shoots provided such shooting does not interfere with the harmony of the scheduled shoot.
  1. EMPTY SHELLS: Empty shells left on the ground are the property of the club. Theses shells will be given to members from time to time as a token payment for work performed for the club during shoots.
  1. SAFETY: The safety rules of the NSSA and ATA as contained in their current official rule books are adopted and the rules are in effect at all shooting events, whether it be registered shoots or practice at the Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap club, Inc. Anyone who does not abide by said rules, upon unanimous vote of the club officers, shall have his or her membership revoked, be it annual or life, and he or she will be barred from the Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap Club, Inc. for a period of one year. At the end of one year, he or she may re-apply for membership and be reinstated as a member in good standing upon unanimous vote of the club officers.

(No. 10, Safety, was adopted at the regular meeting of the Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap Club, Inc. on November 9, 1997.)