The club calendar is very dynamic for navigation.

Days that have scheduled events have their back ground colored for easy identification, selecting a date will open up that event for viewing the event details.

Additional filters for the display properties are located below the events for the displayed day.


Mini Calendar:

Mouse over the <month> of the mini calendar will highlight the month, <click> the month to open a full page af the calendar to that month.
At the top, selecting (left click) > moves the calendar forward one month,    (left click) >    moves forward one month   (left click)  opens a full screen view of the month.
Selecting a single day will display a summary for that day in full screen, further selecting an individual event from that display will display details about that event.

Full Calendar:

With the calendar displaying the full month, mouse over any day that has a scheduled event in it will open details of that event.
At the bottom of the full screen calendar is the "key" for events or category's that are scheduled.  You can select a category to see only those items on the calendar and a selector for "All Categories" to see all scheduled events.  
To move back to a full month calendar simply <Lclick> the icon Month or Week at the top of the calendar and the calendar will display the month in full page mode.

Printing & eMail page: mailprinter 

 At the top right of the calendar display are icons for a printer and an envelope allowing you to print the page as formatted or forward as an email using your personal email provider. 

Editing Events:

When displaying event details, notice at the top right of the details page, below the Print / eMail icons,  a pencil icon will be displayed if you have edit rights for the event. Contact a board member or the webmaster if you are interested in supporting the calendar scheduling. 

Upcoming Events:

               On the right side of the page is a menu listing of near future events that are scheduled, selecting an event will open the event details page for information.


               On the right side of the page,  the iCal icon will download the event for you to include into your desktop or mobile calendar, for further information 


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